2016 Summer fashion trends & colours

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We have seen some fabulous outfits in the shop this spring with many bias cut floaty dresses to culottes and suits in some wonderful colours.

The on trend colours this season's are navy and soft blush pink which are definitely our best sellers, so we are well stocked on both of these. Many are not on the website as they sell so quickly. We only have one style of hat in each colour to ensure your accessory will be unique so it is best to visit the shop and try on all the different styles to see which suits you best.

Our next best selling colours this season are corals, oranges and emerald greens which are found particularly in the Ted Baker style prints. They have soft pastel colours with a flash of greens in the pattern, and it looks really dramatic and has a wonderful impact if we can match the greens with a hatinator and handbag.